Our Next Performance

  • The Crooked Jades


    Doors at 7 music at 7:30  $20 (all money goes to the musicians)Jades 540w copy

    The Crooked Jades are on a mission to reinvent old-world music, pushing boundaries and blurring categories with their fiery, soulful performances. Innovative, unpredictable and passionate, they bring driving dance tunes and haunting ballads to performances across the country. Known for their rare and obscure repertoire, beautiful original compositions, inspired arrangements and eclectic and vintage instrumentation, The Crooked Jades began with a vision to revive the dark and hypnotic sounds of pre-radio music. With this old-time foundation, the band has created the unique Crooked Jades sound by exploring the roots of Americana and interweaving the diverse musical influences of Europe and Africa. Filtering these old-world sounds with universal and ancient themes through a post-9/11 lens, they seek to make sense of the future.

    A collective of West and East Coast pickers with equal parts attitude and respect, led by Jeff Kazor, the band performs with a thrilling energy that has audiences on their feet and critics comparing them to everyone from The New Lost City Ramblers and The Pogues to Gillian Welch, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

    The Crooked Jades have been here before, sold out the house, and they’re one of my favorites. I hope you’ll come.

    Reservations required to assure you a seat: fifthstfarms@gmail.com or 510 525-9248.

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