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  • Septentrio–Wednesday, June 8

    Hannu Kella, Leonor Palazzo och Hans Kennemark. Pressbild. Fri publicering. Foto© Kristin Lidell. Fotografens namn ska anges vid publicering.

    Septentrio–Wednesday, June 8
    Doors at 7 music at 7:30  $20 (all money goes to the musicians)

    Septentrio–Leonor Palazzo, five-string cello (she’s Belgian/Argentinian); Hans Kennemark, fiddle (Finnish); and Hannu Kella (he’s Swedish), five-row free-bass button accordion–are among an amazing array of Nordic folk musicians changing the world music landscape. Luckily, they’ve come to the U.S., and luckier, Fifth Street Farms has snagged them to play here. This is genuine, warm, intense, subtle, nostalgic, spirited, charming, elegant and wild music. Nordic folk and original tunes played by a group of three very fine international musicians. This combination of instruments is unusual and fantastically beautiful. The music is unmistakably Scandinavian but the sound is different and original. If you have any doubts, listen here right now.

    Reservations required to assure you a seat: fifthstfarms@gmail.com or 510 525-9248.

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