Paper Wings


Paper Wings — Saturday, March 10

Paper Wings is a new, old-fashioned acoustic duo: Emily Mann and Wilhelmina Frankzerda. These two young artists have been deeply immersed in the West Coast music scene for most of their lives. They’ve joined forces to create music based on their shared love of tradition, classic sounds, and the compelling need for both classic and original music. The duo features wonderful vocal harmonies over a rotating arsenal of fiddles, guitar, and banjo. Between the two of them they’ve worked with Aoife O’Donovan, Darol Anger, Sean Watkins, Darrell Scott, Laurie Lewis, Tim O’Brien, Mike Marshall, Kai Welch and John Reishman. This is the big time! The music is agile, rough and ready, innovative and timeless. Don’t miss this show.

The Lowest Pair — Saturday, March 17

The Lowest Pair (Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee) have performed at Fifth Street more than any other band. Kendl helped start the house concerts here almost twenty years ago, and she’s still one of our favorites. A banjo duet (they both play guitar too) isn’t the most obvious pick to click, but this duo’s killer harmony singing, sensitive musicianship, technical skills, and wonderful tunes make them heroes of ours. Check out a tune here.

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