House concerts are an old and current way of hearing music–socially, in a comfortable place without too many distractions. At Fifth Street, concerts are upstairs in a beautiful room with great sound.

The music is acoustic (unamplified instruments and voices), generally traditional American or international, of all types. Chair seating and folks are welcome to bring food/drink to share.

Reservations are necessary to assure you a seat and made by calling (510) 525-9248, or via email at

Doors open at 7:00, music at 7:30. Cost is $20; all proceeds go to the musicians.

  • Beata Bermuda–Monday, June 26


    Beata Bermuda–Monday, June 26

    The Swedish trio Beata Bermuda (website here) plays traditional and contemporary folk music, original as well as 100-year-old tunes, on violin, vocals and glockenspiel. Linnea Aall Campbell, Hanna Andersson and Samantha Ohlanders are all graduates of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Elements of indiepop, singer/songwriter tradition, as well as strong Scandinavian roots have given Beata Bermuda their own voices in the dramatic Nordic folk music landscape. Since the origin of the group in 2012 the band has toured extensively in Sweden, California, Denmark and Germany. They’ve been a big hit at Fifth Street before, and I’m excited to have them back.

    “… profound lyrics, beautiful, headstrong and ethereal. Clearly gifted.”
    “The group uses their violins in a very exciting way that definitely gives a taste for both traditional folk music and its fusion with modern indie and singer/songwriter tradition.”

    See the Concerts page to make reservations.


    Kevin Burke — Sunday, August 20