• Rita Hosking Trio–Saturday, July 1

    Rita Hosking, one of California’s most genuine, heartfelt and original voices, visits Fifth Street again, with trio members Sean Feder and Bill Dakin. Rita writes personal yet universal songs full of deep feeling and humanity.“Rita Hosking’s ‘Burn’, one of the genuine surprises in a pretty decent year of music, is right up there with Gillian Welch’s ‘The Harrow and the Harvest’ in the ranks of intelligent, moving, rooted-in-real-folk-music singing and songwriting,” one writer says. Each in the trio is a top-quality musician. She’s one of our favorites. Check out her website and some tunes here.

    The Barefoot Movement-Tuesday, July 11

    A brilliant bluegrass/original band from North Carolina, The Barefoot Movement has stormed throughout America and abroad with clear harmonies, awesome musicianship and magnificent instrument skills. We’re lucky to have them at Fifth Street after American Music Festival in Oregon. Listen to some tunes here.


    Paper Wings–Saturday, August 12

    Hot Club of San Francisco–Friday, August 25

    Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien–Saturday, September 9