Aallotar–Saturday, August 4


Ancestors of Sara Pajunen and Teija Niku lived within hours of each other in western Finland–speaking the same language, playing the same music, living the same culture. In the late 19th century, Pajunen’s ancestors emigrated to northern Minnesota; Niku’s family remained in Finland. Today, they explore a common heritage in Finnish folk music, even as they create new sounds that reflect their contemporary cultures and various interests. Pajunen is a violinist, and Niku an accordionist; their lithe instrumentals and beautiful vocal harmonies in both Finnish and English demonstrate how gracefully traditional and modern folk music can speak together.

Aallotar has been at Fifth Street several times, bringing mysterious Finnish harmonies to the West Coast of America. This show is part of a release tour of Aallotar’s second album ‘Ameriikan Laulu’ (Song of America), released by German record label Nordic Notes.

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