TESLIM–Saturday, September 7


In Turkish, teslim means both “commit” and “surrender.” In Turkish classical music, teslim means “theme” or main melody—a composition journeys away from and returns home to its teslim, which becomes like a beloved character. Commit and surrender are two sides of the same coin. If we are all commitment–technical practice and diligent study–we may not allow the spirit of the music to animate those sounds; if we are all surrender, our skills are not honed and we are unable express that spirit in a worthy vessel.

Teslim is Kaila Flexer, violin, tarhui; Elana Brutman, Cretan lyra with sympathetic strings; Gari Hegedus, kopuz, baglama (Turkish lutes), oud, mandocello; and Joshua Mellinger, frame drum, doumbek, cajon, tonbak and tabla. This evening will be a pre-release concert of Teslim’s brand new recording “7 Decades.” Don’t miss this chance to hear a rare evening of original compositions inspired by Turkish and Greek music in this gorgeous acoustic setting. Listen to some tunes here.

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