Trio Garufa

Trio Garufa — Saturday, June 16

1) boisterous and festive fun, especially that dedicated to dance and drinking;
2) a person prone to such kind of fun.

The Tango:
often called ‘The Argentine Tango’, is Argentina’s contribution to the world of dance. The Tango came from the brothels and low cafes of Buenos Aires at the turn of the century. At its very beginning it was a ballet-like dance between two men, which, a little later, became the dance of the brothels where men and women had the opportunity to rub their bodies together. Over the years, Tango has changed, becoming an elegant and stylish dance–a picture of high society, with women in sleek glittering evening gowns and men in tuxedos and tails.

Trio Garufa:
“… the audience gave them two standing ovations during the encores, wrapping up 126 minutes on stage. They played for the people, without the pretense of some modern musicians who make tangos only they can understand. Trio Garufa was modern while playing old tangos, those tangos familiar to all our ears.”
–La Nueva Provincia newspaper, Argentina

Listen to some tunes, and see some dancing, here.

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