Western Centuries


Western Centuries — Friday, January 5

The sound of roots music mavericks Western Centuries sits at the crossroads of country band, early R&B and the spirit of The Band. Three lead vocalists, careful harmony and witty lyrics, the music introduces a band as skillful in their musicianship as they are innovative in their writing. Upbeat dance numbers, introspective tunes of heartbreak, and everything in between.

Cahalen Morrison played here a year or two ago with his vocal partner Eli West. The two of them showed off really striking harmonies, heartfelt songwriting, and skillful guitar work. Since then, West has taken off on his own, Morrison has joined with four serious country musicians, and their band brings a remarkable roots/country attitude to their music. The show here promises to be wholehearted, genuine, and seriously top-quality. Here’s their website, but listen: at Fifth Street the band will be acoustic—no Telecasters, drums or pedal steel. Don’t miss this show.


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